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Mariscal Position Wooden Lounger

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Introducing the Mariscal Eucalyptus Position Lounger, a testament to technical excellence and versatility. Constructed with a sturdy eucalyptus wooden frame, this lounger offers exceptional durability and stability. It features four adjustable positions for the backrest, allowing you to find the perfect reclining angle for relaxation. Additionally, the legs can be adjusted to four different positions, ensuring optimal comfort. The Mariscal Lounger also boasts retractable armrests for added convenience, as well as a foldable table for easy access to your essentials. Equipped with wheels, this lounger offers effortless mobility and portability. Experience the ultimate in functionality and comfort with the Mariscal Eucalyptus Position Lounger.

Escape to relaxation

Escape to a world of relaxation as you sink into our inviting lounger. Share the joy of conversation and unwinding with a friend, as you both indulge in soothing comfort. Embrace the tranquil ambiance, bask in the sun's warmth, and create cherished moments of shared relaxation and connection

Product Dimensions

Our lounger is crafted with premium Eucalyptus wood, renowned for its natural protection, stunning color, and structural strength. The wood's inherent oils provide resistance against pests, decay, and moisture, ensuring long-lasting durability. With its beautiful grain patterns and rich hues, this Eucalyptus wood adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor space while delivering exceptional structural integrity for years of enjoyment.
Experience unmatched versatility with our lounger's impressive features. Equipped with convenient wheels, it effortlessly moves to your desired location. Enjoy customizable comfort with four adjustable back positions and retractable arms, allowing you to find the perfect lounging angle. The four leg positions provide additional flexibility, ensuring optimal support and relaxation. Embrace the ultimate lounging experience with this versatile and adjustable lounger, tailored to your preferences.