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Leyland Lot Table & 8 Catalina Stacking Armchair


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Catalina stacking armchair is all hardwood, from our eucalyptus FSC certified partners. The material makes it a strong and sustainable product, and since it's all hardwood it ages beautifully.

Leyland rectangle table, has the nice feature of easy enlargement with build in table tops. Three easy steps and the table has over 1 meter extra surface. The material is all hardwood FSC certified table. It can withstand heavy usage and has with room for 8-10 chairs. The table is equipped with extra stability supporters. The table is great for big families, social gatherings and events.

  • Armchair Dimensions: 23L x 23W x 36H. Seating Dimensions: 16.5L x 17W x 18H. Table Dimensions: 79L x 42W x 30H. Length when extended with one leaf: 98.5. Length when extended with two leaf: 118. Umbrella Hole Dimensions: 2-inch.
  • Comfortable & Convenient: Chairs are stack-able and lightweight making them easy to move around and store
  • Made of High Quality 100% FSC Eucalyptus Wood.
  • Durability: Its resistance to weather and UV radiation makes the set durable and enjoyable.
  • Storage During Winter: When storing this product, do not put in rooms that are centrally heated, as this will cause the wood to dry out and possibly shrink and crack. Cool, well-ventilated sheds are the most suitable location.